Sandbox and Production

Sandbox Environment

In order to ensure that the methods you have deployed in your application will be free of faults, we recommend that you run tests on each of them before making your solution available in a productive environment. To assist you with these tests, we offer a specially crafted Sandbox for you to validate your application's integration with our APIs.

Through Sandbox your application can run without fear all the operations using fictitious information, with no access to the Production information. The opposite is also true, that is, Sandbox information can not be seen in Productive environment.

Access Tokens

Access Tokens for the Sandbox environment are automatically generated shortly after you register a new Application in the "My Applications" section of the Developer menu. If the application has already been created, just look it up in the "Access Tokens" column of the same section.

It is important to note that the Sandbox Access Tokens will not work in production, as will the reverse scenario. In order to make a production application available, it is necessary for the Conductor's customer issuer to send an email to so that we can perform its validation and generate the Access Token of the Productive Environment. This release always occurs on business days in a short time. 

Sandbox API calls

Once the Sandbox Token is obtained, the integrations will be made in the same way as the production environment. The main difference is that the Application should point to the Sandbox endpoint rather than the Production endpoint.

It is important to note that Sandbox Tokens can only call the Sandbox URL. The same is true for Production Tokens. This rule exists to prevent a call to the Production Environment with a valid Sandbox Token from being made.