Authentication Rules

The process of authenticating the requests for the Conductor APIs is done by sending the Access Token together with the 'Customer Identification Code' in the header of the requests. The generation of this information occurs at the moment the developer creates the Application in the Developer menu and they are generated automatically for Sandbox environment or via email request for Productive environment. To view the token created simply refer to the "My Applications" section.

It is important to note that Access Tokens are distinct for Sandbox and Production environments. So, after being integrated and tested in Sandbox, it is enough for the Conductor Customer Issuer to send an email to so that we can register your application in productive environment, where we will generate the respective Access Token for use in this environment. Thus, Sandbox Access Token are not accepted in the production environment, just as in the reverse scenario.

Transportation Protocol

All information passed through our APIs is performed through the HTTPS protocol, with TLS 1.2, which guarantees a secure channel and exempts the encryption of the tokens or the contents of the requests manually.